Clean Energy

Scalable - Distributed - Solar + Storage

Sustainable Development Goal # 7: Affordable & Clean Energy – declares “energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity.” We can provide affordable clean energy (solar+storage) from Home Solar Systems (Energy Poverty) to huge solar farms. No matter what your situation is we have strategic alliances with manufacturers, installing and servicing companies to conduct energy audit, recommend affordable bespoke clean energy products for you featuring the latest technological advancement. Select list of services and products include scalable Distrubuted solar+storage applications spanning the energy ladder – from Energy Poverty products (PAYGO- pay-as–you-go), portable/scalable battery energy storage systems (BESS) to Mini/Micro Grid using advanced Lithium-Ion battery chemistry and Containerized Battery Storage System for:
  1. Residential – rural, peri-urban and urban
  2. Businesses and Small-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs)
  3. Commercial applications and
  4. Institution & Industrial applications

Affordable and clean energy for all.
Irrespective of your location.
Clean energy comes from several sources including wind.

Solar farm, arguably, is the most economical source of clean energy – we can design, construct and manage a solar plant to meet your objectives. Learn More

Sample Clean Energy Storage Demonstration

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