Melius Ventures (MV) is an Illinois start-up company bent on improving quality of life (betterment) via technological transfer one project at a time. MV was formed to accelerate mass transfer/demonstration of proven technological innovations primarily between USA and Nigeria. MV has a Nigerian affiliate, Melius Novus Emporium, Nigeria Limited.

Specifically, MV was founded on a premise of open collaborations (ventures) among certain entrepreneurs, experts, manufacturers and practitioners spanning:

  • Built Environment
  • Clean Technology and
  • Information Technology

The singular purpose is to strive for improved quality of life in certain developing countries of the world via faster/mass adoption of technology.  MV is a different type of company premised on ventures – adapting/demonstrating/replicating proven technological advancements – a refreshingly honest approach to a more inclusive world in addressing certain inequity – technological inequity and lack of demonstration of same. The fact is, certain parts of the world are rapidly being transformed via technological advancement (translating to continued improvement in quality of life) while others are lagging, given certain reasons or inertia.


This lagging or inertia is what MV is bent on disrupting – by scouring the world for proven technological advancement for faster adoption/implementation in the developing countries of the world – one project at a time. The proposition is simple, if an advancement works and is improving certain aspects of quality of life in the developed countries, then, with certain modifications, then it stands to reason that the same advancement can be properly replicated in the developing countries. This is the drive behind MV!

Importantly, all ventures will be predicated on the UNITED NATIONS’ 17 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGs)

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We are collaborators and venturers
Our vision at Melius Ventures is to collaborate with select entrepreneurs, business leaders, civic leaders, and experts to deliver excellent solutions to long-standing problems in improving the quality of life index.